Connecting your personal Inbox to Aptly is one of the first things to do after logging into Aptly for the first time.

After reading this article you’ll be able to:

  1. Connect your personal inbox to Aptly
  2.  Use Aptly as your default email provider
  3. Troubleshoot common blockers during first time inbox sync

Connect Your Personal Inbox to Aptly

  1. Click here to go directly to your Personal Inbox setting page. Otherwise, access the page from your person icon at the bottom-left part of your page >> My Profile>> Personal Inbox.
  2. Depending on which email provider you use, click Connect Microsoft Account or Connect Gmail Account.
  1. In the pop-up window, enter the email address you’d like to sync and enter your existing email credentials following the authorization prompt.

Once you’ve successfully connected your account, a success notification will appear and you’ll see your email listed in your Personal Inbox.

Designate a color for this inbox, especially if you will have multiple inboxes to connect.

Use Aptly as Your Default Email Provider

From the My Profile page, scroll to the bottom and click Set Aptly as Default Mail Client:

Troubleshoot First-Time Email Connection Issues

I want to connect a shared inbox.
Shared inboxes (inboxes multiple members have access to) can be connected in the Shared Inboxes settings. Learn more here.

I get an error that tells me my password is incorrect.
You may have forgotten your email password or you're using an incorrect password. You may also have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled in your back-end email service. Enter your 16 digit app password when connecting your email if MFA is, in fact, enabled.

I don't have an app password but multi-factory authentication MFA is enabled.
You'll need to contact your IT Department to find out what your app password is. It is very common for IT Departments to have MFA enabled without providing app passwords explicitly. App passwords are 16 digits long.

My calendar did not sync.
Your calendar will not sync when you connect your inbox. You must add your personal or shared calendars separately. Learn more here.

I don't want to connect a personal inbox.
You don't have to! If you and/or your team work off a shared inbox only, then there is no need to connect a personal inbox. 

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