The customer satisfaction survey or CSAT feature in Aptly provides a channel for residents to rate their experience and give specific feedback. Use these powerful metrics to improve customer service and boost resident happiness. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How CSAT surveys are collected
  2. Where to view CSAT survey results
  3. How to analyze CSAT survey results

How CSAT surveys are collected

CSAT's can be shared with your tenant through conversations and Aptlets. Learn how to Enable Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

The tenant will receive a customer satisfaction survey where they can rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 and provide specific feedback.

Results from the customer satisfaction surveys create the overall Happiness Score ranging from 0%, very unhappy to 100%, very happy. Click the heart icon in the top right corner to view your team's Happiness Dashboard. 

💡 Surveys will not be sent if you have been CC'd on a conversation or you have not interacted with a conversation. 

Where to view CSAT survey results 

  1. You’ll receive a notification when the survey is complete.
  2. Click the notification to view the survey results. 
  3. Under Details, in the right column, you’ll see survey data from the Contact under History. Click to view more information.
  4. From Insights, click Survey Overview Report to analyze CSAT data.

💡 By default, your team does not have access to view CSAT survey results. Click here for instructions on how to enable access for your team.

How to analyze CSAT survey results

You can analyze CSAT survey results across your properties and teams by viewing the data in the Survey Overview report.

💡 Important Reminders

Remember to archive conversations once they're resolved instead of deleting for accurate CSAT survey results

Start capturing important resident feedback by enabling customer satisfaction surveys today. Click here for step-by-step instructions

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