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With Aptly, you can track all resident, prospect and team communication, turn conversations into tasks that get completed and measure resident happiness all in one place. 

Getting Started

Click the links below and follow the steps to configure your account

  1. Connect your email
  2. Connect your calendar
  3. Enable notifications
  4. Update your profile

Aptly Inbox Basics

Save time and communicate more effectively with your Aptly inbox. With Aptly, you can view and manage all of your conversations in one place.

Read the following descriptions to understand your Aptly Inbox views.

Mine View
Quickly view all messages from your personal inbox and phone and any conversation assigned to or shared with you from your Mine View in Aptly.

My Inboxes
Under My Inboxes, you’ll see any personal inboxes and phone numbers connected to your account. Here you can view each channel separately.

Assigned to Me
All conversations assigned to you

Shared with Me
All conversations shared with you

Instead of endlessly searching and scrolling, save custom inbox views for quick access. You can add views of folders from your connected inboxes, contact types, private topics and shared topics.

Inbox views are private and will not be shared with your team.

Shared inboxes and phone numbers connected to your account

All conversations assigned to a specific teammate

Compose a message
Click the blue plus icon to send an email, text message or make a phone call

Conversation Previews

See a glimpse of the message with your preview panel. These visual indicators help you manage conversations faster.

Bulk Actions
Bulk select conversations by clicking the avatar in the conversation preview. Choose an option from the list of bulk actions, like archive or mark as read.

Conversation Details

Get a birds-eye view of any conversation by clicking Details in the far right-hand column.

Under Details, you’ll see important information about a specific conversation including the participants in the thread, attachments, Topics, and History. 

In this Conversation
See everyone included in the conversation with a message count from contacts who sent a response. Click on a contact’s name to reveal their contact details. 

View all attachments from a particular conversation thread.

Shared Topics
Aptly automatically categorizes and labels inbound messages with shared Topics. Topics help your team streamline organization, prioritize issues and collect valuable insights. 

Private Topics
You can add private Topics to conversations totally custom and private to you. Use private topics as your personal organization system and quickly view conversations by Topic in your custom inbox views.

View conversation history including who's viewed, assigned and shared the message, and much more.

Keep track of important details by relating a conversation to a Contact, Location, Aptlet, or Event. 


Instead of creating new threads with forwards or CC’s, use Aptly’s internal chat tool to loop in teammates and work behind the scenes to determine next steps. @mention a teammate directly in the original conversation and they’ll receive a notification and gain access to the entire thread.

⚡ Add notes to conversations for your own reference as a comment.

Assign and Share
With Aptly, you can assign conversations to the right teammate and know exactly who’s following up, avoiding duplicate replies and cutting down on response times. 

Eliminate inbox clutter with the Share feature in Aptly. Sharing a private conversation from your personal inbox allows your teammates to see the entire thread without having to forward or CC. 

Archiving Conversations, Sending Surveys and the Happiness Score

Measure resident happiness by archiving conversations in Aptly. 

When a conversation is finished or resolved, make sure to Archive it. When you archive a conversation with a resident or owner, Aptly will send a simple survey asking how their experience was. 

Results from the customer satisfaction surveys create the overall Happiness Score ranging from 0%, very unhappy to 100%, very happy. 

Click the heart icon in the top right corner to view your Happiness Dashboard and see important insights about resident happiness including survey data, happiness by location, the top happiness makers and contacts who need extra love. Use these powerful metrics to improve customer service and boost resident relations.

Manage Projects with Aptlets

Aptlets are project management boards that allow you to keep track of any task, request, or important information. Use this productivity tool to track everything from internal vacation requests, ad-hoc surveys, move out inspections, maintenance requests, and more! Add an Aptlet card right from your inbox or in an Aptlet board.

View 360º Contact Profiles

Your 360º contact view ensures a customer gets a personalized and consistent experience, no matter who they speak to or engage with on your property team. Click on a contact’s name anywhere in the app to view their profile.

View 360º Location Profiles

Your 360º location profile gives you a birds eye view of a property with data synced from your property management software. It also shows history of location activity and current residents and prospects for each location.

Stay Informed with the Notification Center

Stay up to date and manage your notifications with the Aptly Notification Center. Keep track of key things happening in your account like when your teammates @mention, assign or share something with you.

Power Tips

Once you've mastered the basics and you're ready to get even more from Aptly, try these features:

Communication Templates
Stop wasting time rewriting the same emails over and over again! Use Communication Templates to automate replies and cut down on response times. Aptly’s AI suggests templates based on Topics assigned to the conversation. Just choose a suggested template and fire away, or pick one from the message composer. 

Snooze and Email Reminders
Ever wish you could hide a message in your inbox until later, or remind yourself to follow up on a sent message?

With Snooze, you can hide conversations until you need them. Snoozed conversations will disappear from your inbox until your set time so you can focus on what you need to do now. Or, you can set an email reminder to follow up later. 

Contact Alerts
Create more context for your team with Contact Alerts. A Contact Alert displays critical information above a specific contact’s conversation your entire team can see. 

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