Think of the snooze features as a "save for later" button. You can even think of snooze as an "I'm putting you sleep" button. Go ahead, channel you inner DJ Drowsy Drawers:

Snoozed conversations will be hidden until the date you designate so you can focus on other things. Best of all, snoozed conversations can be found in a dedicated inbox view.

How to snooze a conversation

Snooze is available is both Mine and Personal Inbox Views.

Snooze any conversation in your inbox by clicking the more button from the action bar at the bottom of any conversation.

Once your selected the snooze button, setup a time when you'd like to have the conversation reappear back in your inbox:

A notification will alert you when the email is un-snoozed. 

Add an accompanying snooze reminder which will appear alongside the un-snoozed notification in the Activity Center:

Can I un-snooze a conversation?

Once a conversation has been snoozed, it can only be un-snoozed by replying to the conversation, when a new message is received, or it's marked as closed. 

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