Welcome to Aptly's Weekly Punchlist! This is an ongoing product-centric update exclusive to Aptly users released every Friday. 

My goal is to explain the practical application of Aptly's features offering tips and tricks acquired from the experience of our talented team and our ever-growing customer base of property management pros.

In this week's Punchlist, we'll cover:

  1. New feature releases
  2. Recently-added training resources
  3. An overview of exciting features to come

But first! Check out this video on the Aptly Ideas page detailing exactly how you can contribute to and vote on feature release ideas:

New Feature Releases

SMS Text Messaging in Aptly: Use Aptly to send and receive text messages using a masked local phone number. Send and receive text messages directly in the app.
Analyze Prospect Emails with Prospect Parsing: Create prospect Contacts from parsing listing inquiry emails. Leverage Segments to strategically sort and contact prospects. 

Pro tip: Create a series of strategic prospect Segments and corresponding custom Communication Templates to help with follow up. See article for details.

Recently-Added Training Resources

In addition to the above-linked articles on the new features, check out a few recent articles added to the Help Center:

Make Aptly Smarter: An overview of how to train Aptly to be more efficient by fine-tuning Topics, Keywords, and updating certain Settings.
Shared Inbox: When, Why, and How to Use it: Examples of business dynamics that would benefit from a Shared Inbox and detailed step-by-step instructions on the Shared Inbox setup. 

Upcoming Feature Releases

Foldering: Akin to Outlook's folding and sub-foldering email organization and Gmails "Labels." Estimated release: Mid-April 2019.
Snooze Everywhere: Snooze will no longer be limited to Mine view emails (whoop!) showing up on all account views soon. Estimated release: Mid-April 2019.
Click-to-Call: Make, receive, and track phone calls using your proxied phone number directly in the Aptly desktop or phone app. Estimated release: Mid-April 2019.
Voice Messaging: Another proxied phone number functionality delivering the ability to received transcribed voicemails in Aptly. Estimated release: May 2019.

Pro Tip: Once the proxied phone functionalities come full circle, businesses can designate a "Leasing Line" via Shared Phone Number, for example. Market the "Leasing Line" proxied number on leasing website pages and as the contact number that syndicates to listing websites. All text and voice inquires can go to the shared account to be tasked out or tackled as a group.

Looking for something? Aptly welcomes feature requests from our users providing a community-based approach where users can add requests and vote/comment on requests from other users. Visit Aptly Ideas to contribute and watch the video linked above to learn more (hint hint).

Further, if you have a neat Training Resource idea -- or if you're in general need of guidance with Aptly -- contact me directly at [email protected] 

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