Aptly allows you to mask a personal phone number to make and receive phone calls and SMS text messages. Post your masked (proxy) phone number to public websites and engage with prospects and residents without revealing your private phone number. 

You'll need to set up an Aptly phone before you can call and text through Aptly. If you haven't already set it up, import your existing phone number from Twilio or create a new phone number through Twilio in Aptly (recommended). Or, create a new phone number through Aptly.

In this article you'll learn how to:

  1. Where to make phone calls and send texts with the Aptly Phone

  2. How to use the Aptly Phone to call

  3. How to use the Aptly Phone to text

Where to make phone calls and send texts with the Aptly phone

You can make phone calls and send texts a few different ways in Aptly. 

From the contact profile

From anywhere in the app, click on a contacts name to see their contact profile. From here, click the phone or SMS icon to call or send a text.

From your inbox

Click the blue plus icon. Then choose to call or text a contact.

You can also review past call and text conversations from your inbox. Drill down into your personal or shared phone lines to view text and call conversations.

Once you select a phone conversation from your inbox, click the phone icon to call the contact in the conversation.

How to use the Aptly Phone to make calls

Once you open the Aptly phone, you can search for a contact to call or type their number directly into the phone. If you've opened the phone from the contact profile or from a conversation in your inbox the contact's number will be automatically filled.

Select the drop down arrow under From to change the phone line you're calling from.

Toggle the record switch to green to record the call.

Click the green phone icon to call.

Once you call, your phone (the ring-to number) will ring. Answer it. Once you answer, your phone will call the contact using the masked number.

When you receive calls in Aptly, your actual phone will ring and you'll be notified in Aptly as well.

How to use the Aptly Phone to text

When you compose a new text in Aptly, enter the phone number or contact name in the To field.

Under From, select the drop down menu to change the phone line you're texting from.

Enter your text message in the composer window, or even use a communication template by clicking the Insert Reply button.

Then click Send.

New text messages you receive will appear in your inbox. Click on the conversation to view the message and reply.

Text messages you receive will also appear on your actual phone (ring-to number) connected to Aptly. Responding to texts in Aptly will appear on your phone and vice versa.

You can also send bulk texts in Aptly! Bulk text specific contact segments in boards or on the contacts page. Click here to find out how.

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