Emails will not sync into Aptly once you enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in your backend email provider. You must reconnect Aptly via an App Password in order to reinstate email sync.

If you do not yet have an App Password, contact your IT department to obtain one. Depending on your company setup, an Outlook Admin or IT may need to do this for you. 

In this article, you'll understand how to:

  1. Disconnect an account from Aptly
  2. Reconnect the account using your App Password to reinstate Outlook/Aptly sync after MFA setup

From your Aptly account, go to your Settings page and open the Personal Inbox settings. Locate the account in question and select press the Disconnect button:

From here, reconnect the account by once more selecting the account-in-question (it should not have a red "Disconnect" box by it) and click "Reconnect":

Now, use your APP - PASSWORD to log back in:

After logging in, your emails will begin to sync from Outlook/Gmail to Aptly. Depending on how much time has passed between the MFA setup in Outlook and the Aptly re-connection with the App Password, your email sync may take several minutes. 

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