Aptly syncs bi-directionally with the calendar associated with your back-end email provider (Gmail or Outlook). You can add, edit, and delete calendar events in real-time directly in Aptly after you sync your calendar.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to sync your personal calendar
  2. How to access your calendar in Aptly
  3. Calendar event basics

Syncing Your Personal Calendar in Aptly

  1. Click here to go to the Personal Calendar page. Otherwise, access the page from your person icon at the bottom-left part of your page >> My Profile>> Personal Calendar.
  2. Depending on your email platform, choose either the Sync from Gmail or Sync from Office 365 option. Once the new window pops up, follow the steps to connect your calendar.
  3. Click the calendar you’d like to sync. Then click Continue. Once you’ve successfully imported your calendar, a success notification will appear.
  4. Configure your newly-synced calendar by adding a specific color to your events and change how far in advance you’ll be reminded of your event.
  5. Click Save to update your calendar.

Accessing Your Synced Calendar

Click on the Calendar icon in the blue pane on the left side-bar:

Viewing Additional Calendars

Add and remove visibility to additional calendars from team members in your Aptly account or shared calendars. Note: this is a permissions setting and visibility to personal calendar details is limited:

Adjusting Calendar Views

In the upper right corner, click the drop down menu to view your calendar by day, week, work week or month. 

Use the previous and next buttons to navigate to future or past dates.

Click Today to jump back to the present date.

Calendar Event Basics

  1. To add a new event click New Event.
  2. Click an empty time slot in the calendar grid. You can assign your event to a specific calendar by clicking the drop down menu. Then add an event title, date and time.
  3. To invite guests, enter the first few letters of a person’s name or email address in the box. Matching names and addresses from your Contacts appear as you enter text. Click a suggestion to add that person to the event. If no suggestions appear, enter your guest’s full email address.
  4. Finally, you can also add a location and description. Once you’re finished, click Save.

Editing an Event

Click an event from the calendar grid. Then click Edit. Make changes to the Meeting Details and click Save.

Any events you add, edit or delete in your personal calendar will reflect in your Gmail or Outlook calendar.

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