The Apartment Innovation and Marketing (AIM) conference is coming and it's a pretty big deal to PropTech nerds in the multi-family space (like us). 

Are you planning on attending AIM or know a colleague who is? Let us know and we'll set aside some time for a chat. Remember, our Refer a Friend program rewards you for referrals so help us get the word out about Aptly and send someone our way at AIM. 

You can also follow all things Aptly on LinkedIn like our recent nod in the CIO Review as one of the "Top 20 Most Promising PropTech Solutions for 2019." 

Admin Updates

Utilization Reporting is in the works. You can contact us now, however, and we will manually generate a report detailing utilization in your organization before this feature is released. 

This resource will help Aptly and Aptly Admins collaborate to target users in your organization who need additional training on our platform. 

Users who have not been seen more than 14 days ago will be contacted to log in to Aptly, prompted for troubleshooting, and offered additional training.

If you're aware of users in your organization who are in need of a private training session or general account assistance, Chat With Us or email Clare at [email protected]

User Updates

This week, we released an updated Notification Center. 

You can now filter historic notifications by type and date range:

You can also easily access your Notification Center settings from the panel. We will continue to fine-tune these settings options based on requests from users this week.
Stay tuned for the ability to turn off Incoming Email notifications and disable sound. 

Do you have a suggestion for an existing feature? Or would you like to see a new feature added? 

Visit our Ideas Page and let us know what you'd like to see in Aptly or vote/comment on previous suggestions. 

In the Spotlight


Tags are not Topics but Tags can be attached to an email like a Topic but Tags are private unlike Topics but also Tags can be viewed in the Favorites section just like a Topic -- kind of like Folders which are different than Topics and Tags but Folders can't be used in the Activity Center like Tags and Topics can.

Think of Tags like a 2.0 version of Folders (Outlook) or Labels (Gmail). Tags are a way to organize your emails. They are private to you, unlike Topics (which are used for Insight Reporting and Communication Template suggestions). 

To add a Tag, click on a conversation in your inbox. Click Details from the panel on the right. Click Add Tag

You can easily view your Tagged conversations by adding them to your Favorites. To add a tag to your Favorites, click Edit Favorites then Add Tags

Make a "Complete by Today" Tag for emails that have action items needing your attention by end of day. Or maybe a Tag just for these newsletters so you can easily access feature release details. Tags are private and custom to you.

Pro Tip: Add Keywords to Tags to assist Aptly in automatically assigning tags to conversations with those words.

Learn all about Tags here.

Upcoming Releases

While there is currently no Aptly test app for Android, there is good news for all the #NeverApple folks out there. We submitted our Android App to the Play Store this week! If approved, the Aptly App for Android will launch sometime next week (estimated). 

The non-TestFlight App for iOS is also going to be rolled out shortly in the App Store. 

A pop-up notification from the Chat feature in Aptly will alert you automatically about these App releases with a link to the respective websites for download. 

Finally, our team has been working diligently on Aptly Leasing, a powerful tool that manages the leasing process through visual lead management, effortless tour scheduling, and intuitive prospect communication powered by AI. 

You'll be seeing a lot more information about Aptly Leasing in the upcoming weeks but you can reach out for a demo of this product if you'd like a sneak peek. 

Looking for something? 

Aptly welcomes feature requests from our users providing a community-based approach where users can add requests and vote/comment on requests from other users. Visit Aptly Ideas to contribute.

Further, if you have a neat training resource idea -- or if you're in general need of guidance with Aptly -- contact me directly at [email protected] 

Aptly's Weekly Punchlists are archived in the Help Center

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