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Our team was thrilled to meet with our customers in person, discussing challenges and opportunities with other property management pros, and learning from innovators elevating the property management industry.

We're proud to have a seat at the #PropTech table and we'll be spreading the word about Aptly at NAA's upcoming  Apartmentalize conference in June. 

More to come on NAA; but give a shout out if you'll be attending!

Admin Updates

Record Inbound and Outbound Calls

Admins who use accounts with phone functionality can now enable voice recording on all inbound and outbound calls.

You must enable this feature on a phone account-by-phone account basis. 

Go to your Personal Phone Numbers and/or Shared Phone Numbers settings page and select the line on which you'd like to enable Voice recording. Select the options to record calls and save:

User Updates


Sometimes messages with large attachments or tons of graphics can get caught in email limbo and you may wonder if a message has been delayed.

Add the Outbox view to your Favorites section if you send large messages to easily check their status:

Inbound Phone Call Notifications

We've added a notification for inbound phone calls for those with an Aptly phone line:

Enable this notification on the Notification Settings page ensuring to choose your Aptly line from the account drop down menu. 

In the Spotlight

Contact Alerts

Contact Alerts allow you to display a red banner above specific contact's email messages detailing custom information for all users on the Aptly account to be aware of:

"Resident had poor past experience with maintenance. Please send any maintenance requests directly to the Maintenance Coordinator and do NOT auto-assign a tech."

To add a Contact Alert, edit the contact and look for the "Add Contact Alert" checkbox in the edit pop up. Enter the alert -- and optional expiration date -- and save:

💡 Use Contact Alerts to:

• Identify new residents and ask the team to give them a warm welcome
• Identify residents who are in a legal action with you and ask that they be passed of to a manager
• Identify third-party vendors who should not be used for work orders unless it's an absolute must

Upcoming Releases

Phone Apps

The Aplty phone app for Apple and Android are still under review with each respective app store. You will be alerted with an in-app message as soon as these are available to download. 

Other Features

There are just too many to detail. Instead of highlighting a specific feature, I want to give you an overview of bigger priorities we're aiming rolling out over the rest of the quarter:

• Updated UI - Cleaner and more intuitive Inbox
• Kanban list options - View some lists as columns of information over a liner pipeline
• Propertyware Integration 2.0 - 2-way integration and the ability to integrate multiple Propertyware instances in a single Aptly account 

Looking for something? 

Aptly welcomes feature requests from our users providing a community-based approach where users can add requests and vote/comment on requests from other users:

Like that idea? Go to to Aptly Ideas page to vote on it or add your own!

Further, if you have a neat training resource idea -- or if you're in general need of guidance with Aptly -- contact me directly at [email protected] 

Aptly's Weekly Punchlists are archived in the Help Center

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