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Admin Updates

Integrate Multiple Propertyware Instances

Calling all Propertyware users! You can now add multiple Propertyware instances in a single Aptly account:

Note: this feature will be released the evening of 5/20/2019.

From the Integrations Settings, edit the Propertyware integration and look for the "+" button to add a new Propertyware account:

This is part one of our Propertyware integration update. Stay tuned for a bi-directional integration giving Aptly the ability to write back into Propertyware.

User Updates

Aptly Release in the Google Play Store

Google Play approved the Aptly app late last week! Droid users can click below to download the app directly to their phones:

You can also find us under Aptly in the Google Play Store. 

The mobile app has a super user-friendly interface complete with most every feature you enjoy today on the Aptly desktop version:

The calendar view on the mobile app is pretty slick, too:

In the Spotlight

Make Notes on a Contact's History

Aptly inherently logs communication that comes through the platform including email, text, and phone calls. 

With the "log activity" option in the Activity tab of the Contact, you can add custom text and mark it as a note, phone call, or walk-in:

Let's break that down:

Click on the name of a contact to have the Contact Details fly-out populate. Navigate to the Activity tab and scroll down to review a contact's general conversation history. 

Click Log Activity and select the note-type from the drop down menu. Then, manually add content to add to a contact's conversation history:

Upcoming Releases

Pane 2 Prettification

Hubba hubba -- check out the makeover we're giving Pane 2:

We're hiding Pane 1 to give Pane 2 more default visibility:

Views will be separated by All (Mine+Unassigned), Mine (your personal inbox+everything assigned to you), and Unassigned (all unassigned emails from shared inboxes you have access to in Aptly):

 We've reorganized the message preview and a updated a few icons:

There's a modernized compose button:

And Accounts are now officially called Channels (we interchanged both terms before) and included in the bottom of Pane 2: 

Goodbye Grouped Emails 

Finally, let's bid farewell to our most paradoxical Pane 2 feature, Grouped sorting. 

Ever liked the idea of something but didn't want it to become reality?

Zombie apocalypse?
Taking down a purse thief in the streets but you haven't gotten around to using that Krav Maga Groupon yet and you're only recent fighting experience is from the Billy Blanks Tae Bo video tapes you practiced back when you were able to actually play video tapes?

Ya, that's kind of how everyone felt about the Grouped sorting feature. It will not be making it's was into the Pane 2 revamp..but we all appreciated the idea of it. 

Looking for Something?

Aptly welcomes feature requests from our users providing a community-based approach where users can add requests and vote/comment on requests from other users:

Like that idea? Go to to Aptly Ideas page to vote on it or add your own!

Further, if you have a neat training resource idea -- or if you're in general need of guidance with Aptly -- contact me directly at [email protected] 

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