I get an error that tells me my password is incorrect.

You may have forgotten your email password or you're using an incorrect stored password. You may also have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled in your back-end email service. Enter your 16 digit app password when connecting your email if MFA is, in fact, enabled.

I don't have an app password but multi-factory authentication MFA is enabled.

You'll need to contact your IT Department to find out what your app password is. It is very common for IT Departments to have MFA enabled without providing app passwords explicitly. App passwords are 16 digits long.

I get an error message or otherwise cannot connect my inbox.

If your email is connected to a self-hosted Exchange or if you are a Microsoft user without an O365 license, you may have to use the Advanced Options to connect using your server information. There are some limitations with this type of connection.My calendar did not sync.Your calendar will not sync when you connect your inbox. You must add your personal or shared calendars separately. Learn more here.

I want to connect a shared inbox.

Shared inboxes -- like [email protected] or [email protected] -- are to be connected in the Shared Inboxes settings. Learn more here.

I don't want to connect a personal inbox.

You don't have to! If you and/or you team work off a shared inbox only, then there is no need to connect a personal inbox. 

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