The following settings are recommended by Aptly to help ensure maximum compatibility with our inbox sync engine.

To start, login to your Office365 account and open your Exchange admin center from the settings page.

Suggested Exchange Settings

The following is a breakdown of the areas of exchange admin center you will need to inspect to ensure you've got the proper settings to grant Aptly the proper access to sync your user's inboxes. The areas of the settings you'll need to focus on are highlighted in the screenshot below:

1- Organization / Sharing

Make sure the default sharing policy is set for individual calendar sharing:

2-Protection / Malware Filter

Make sure sender notifications are enabled (notify internal and external senders). You'll also need to make sure

Malware Detection

response is set to

“Delete all attachments”

3-Protection / Connection Filter

Be sure you are using the

default settings

for connections.

4-Mobile / Mobile Device Access

Aptly connects to your Office365 mails using a connection that looks like a mobile device. Users experiencing issues connecting their Office365 mailbox need to ensure that ActiveSync has been enabled. Click the **EDIT **button on the Exchange ActiveSync Access Settings section.

5a-Mobile / Device Access Rules

  • Make sure all iPhone devices are allowed
  • Make sure there are no quarantined devices with a user agent string of python-EAS-Client 1.0 (the fake mobile device Nylas uses to connect)

5b-Mobile / Mobile device mailbox policies

Make sure the default settings are being used.

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