How happy are your residents and/or homeowners with your staff?

How happy is your staff with their jobs and ability to be successful in their role?

All roads lead to retention when those connected to your organization are satisfied. Enable Customer Satisfaction Surveys to keep a pulse on resident and/or owner sentiment and identify customer service training opportunities with your staff.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to enable CSAT's on email signatures
  2. How to enable CSAT's by archiving conversations
  3. How to enable CSAT's through Aptlet cards
  4. What you'll be missing out on without CSAT's

How to enable CSAT's through email:

1. Navigate to settings.

2. Click on Company Info & Team settings and enable Include Customer Satisfaction Link on Email Signature.

3. This option adds a subtle "How am I doing" link at the bottom of the signature.

How to enable CSAT's through closing conversations:

1. Navigate to settings.

2. Click on Company Info & Team settings and enable Send Customer Satisfaction Survey On Close

3. Identify the Contact type that should receive the CSAT Survey on email close in the Shared Customization options. We recommend you survey Residents, Prospects, and Owners (the latter if single family):

4. Archive a conversation. This option sends a survey to the sender automatically when emails are archived:

How to enable CSAT's through Aptlet Cards

1. Navigate to the Aptlet board section

2. Select a specific board

3. Click on the Table view option

4. Navigate to the Stage field, and click the edit button

5. Click the checkbox under the Stage to Send Surveys

6. When cards move into the corresponding state, you will receive the following message.

What You'll Miss out on without CSATs

  1. Negative feedback has a higher chance of being posted on public websites if you don't give people an alternative medium to be heard. 
  2. Specific conversation examples of poor service cannot be easily identified and used in internal training opportunities and you risk being less effective (and so might your staff!)
  3. Quantifying and tracking an overall "Happiness Score" -- from contacts and properties as a whole -- is a great way to easily stay accountable to investors or higher-ups. 
  4. If you can measure it, you can't manage it!

💡 Pro Tip: Send an email to residents to get more CSAT Survey responses ; here's a sample you're totally welcome to steal:

"Surveys help guide our internal operations and provide a medium to allow valued residents like you to voice their opinions. We are a community that thrives on feedback, both constructive and encouraging. Let your voice be heard and reply to the surveys sent on most email communication."

What is CSAT?

Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) for Resident Feedback

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