The ideal Microsoft account setup for smooth Aptly implementation is for all users in the organization to have an Office 365 license connected to an Office 365 Business account. 

Aptly Passwords allow users to bypass the single sign on login and use the Login with Email option instead:

This bypass is primarily intended for users who have Outlook without a Microsoft Account.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to generate an Aptly password
  2. How to login using an Aptly password
  3. Limitations associated with use of an Aptly password

Generating an Aptly Password

You must have the Access Setup permission enabled to allow Aptly passwords to be generated on your account:

In the Company Info & Team settings, locate the Enable Login with Password option and turn this function on:

From here -- still in the Company Info & Team Settings -- Add Users and create a temporary password in the flyout:

Alternatively, you can edit an existing users password with the change password option located at the bottom of the flyout

Logging in Using the Aptly Password

On the login page, use the Login with Email option entering the email address and Aptly-generated password:

Changing the Aptly Password

If you want your users to be able to change the password you created for them, ensure that permission is enabled in the Company Info & Team settings:

Aptly Passwords can be changed by the user in their My Profile settings.

Limitations with Aptly Generated Passwords

When bypassing the single sign on option the user will not be able to sync their calendar data. 

Users can still sync their personal inbox, however. 

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