Many property teams use email as a collaboration tool to handle customer issues or lease to prospects. Since email wasn’t designed with teams in mind, using individual inboxes can cause problems like:

  • Lack of transparency and accountability

  • Duplicate replies by teammates 

  • Slow to no replies at all

  • Poor organization

If your team suffers from any of these problems, you’re not alone. Poorly managed communication is a key contributor to poor lead conversion and low renewal rates. 

With Aptly, you can create shared inboxes like [email protected] or [email protected] to manage communication as a team, route messages to the right people and get more done. 

Shared inboxes are the most efficient way to communicate as a team and they’re easy to set up. Simply connect an existing inbox from Gmail or O365 or create a new one and invite teammates to access.

Here are six reasons your property team should use shared inboxes in Aptly.

1. All your communication channels in one place

Every conversation in your shared inbox is visible in a unified view, your whole team can access. An Aptly shared inbox isn’t just for email either. Add a phone number for SMS and voice communication to capture all your conversations in one place. Most importantly, Aptly also works with your individual inbox so you can manage both personal and shared communication from one app. 

2. Clear ownership and shorter response times

With an Aptly shared inbox, you can assign conversations to teammates, avoiding embarrassing duplicate responses by your team. Since all your conversations are shared with the team, it’s easy to cover for someone who’s out of the office sick or on vacation. Customers will appreciate your rapid response times which are made possible by response time goals that ensure your team lives up to it’s communication standards. 

3. Less Forwards, CCs and BCCs 

With individual inboxes, communication is painful. Because email was originally designed for one-to-one communication, individual inboxes aren’t suited for today’s collaborative teams. With forwards, CCs and BCCs, a simple question can quickly become impossible to follow. A shared inbox with Aptly transforms how teams communicate, by providing more context and visibility into every conversation.

Instead of creating new threads with forwards or CC’s, use Aptly’s internal chat tool to loop in teammates and work behind the scenes to determine next steps. @mention a teammate directly in the original conversation and they’ll receive a notification, gain access to the full conversation history and see important contact information integrated from your property management software.

In Aptly, you can create more context for your team with Contact Alerts. A Contact Alert displays critical information above a specific contact’s conversation your entire team can see. 

4. Better organization with Topics

Many teams manually organize their individual inboxes with tags, convoluted folder structures and inbox filters. Since each person manages their individual inbox differently, this causes inconsistent organization across the entire team.

With an Aptly shared inbox, your team will share the same efficient organization system. Instead of manually labeling each conversation, Aptly automatically categorizes conversations with shared Topics. Topics help your team streamline the organization, prioritize issues and collect valuable insights. 

5. Consistent communication across your team

With an Aptly shared inbox, your team can use communication templates to automate replies and cut down on response times. Aptly’s AI suggests templates based on topics assigned to the conversation. Templates are personalized to each recipient with merge fields integrated from your property management software.

6. Increase customer satisfaction

A shared inbox provides an overall better customer experience. With Aptly, every conversation with a resident is measured with customer satisfaction surveys, revealing important insights about resident happiness. Use these powerful metrics to improve the resident experience, streamline training procedures and ultimately improve your bottom line. 

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to setup a shared inbox in Aptly.

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