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With NAA around the corner, we've been prepping for a team trip to Denver. 

Want to meet up?

Admin Updates

Appfolio Integration

Aptly now supports Appfolio integration via manual or scheduled reporting:

Any PM buddies using Appfolio? Refer them to Aptly and the both of you will score a $100 Amazon gift card. 

User Updates

Remove Outdated Contacts from Compose 

Remove old or outdated stored Contacts from the Compose box. Look for the red "X" to the right of the Contact:

In the Spotlight

Android App

Android Users can download the Aptly App for Android in the Playstore.

Enjoy most every feature on the go:

Apple update: The Aptly app for Apple is still under review with the AppStore. Download the Beta version here.

Upcoming Releases

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS will be released this week. 

Those with a connected Aptly Phone will be able to identify and mass-text from the Contacts page. 

Bulk Texting will be complete with merge-field enabled templates and a preview plane (left) so you know what your message will look like to recipients:

Merging allows for semi-custom communication even when sending in mass providing both quality and efficient conversations. 

Looking for Something?

Aptly welcomes feature requests from our users providing a community-based approach where users can add requests and vote/comment on requests from other users:

Like that idea? Go to to Aptly Ideas page to vote on it or add your own!

Further, if you have a neat training resource idea -- or if you're in general need of guidance with Aptly -- contact me directly at [email protected] 

Aptly's Weekly Punchlists are archived in the Help Center

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