Our integration with Appfolio is based on a series of scheduled reports that are emailed to a special Aptly email on a daily basis. Incoming report data automatically gets converted into various objects in Aptly ranging from locations to work orders and applicants.

In this article you will learn the following:

  1. Supported Appfolio reports that can be imported into Aptly
  2. Setting up Appfolio reports to automatically email into Aptly
  3. Where your Appfolio ends up in Aptly

Supported Appfolio Reports

We support the following reports:

  • Tenant Directory
  • Owner Directory
  • Property Directory
  • Unit Directory
  • Delinquencies
  • Vendor Directory
  • Work Orders
  • Applicants

💡 We encourage scheduling all the reports above to email into Aptly for the optimal integration between the two products.

Scheduling Appfolio Reports to Send to Aptly

Schedule any of the supported Appfolio reports listed above to send to Aptly by following the instructions below:

Located the supported Appfolio report by searching for it by name or locating it in those available on this screen:

Click Customize to modify the report

Select the Columns of data you'd like to have synced into Aptly.

🚨 Include all the columns in each report, unless you are certain that they are not being used in Appfolio.

Optional: Some of the supported reports allow you to set Filters on the data that gets displayed on the report. For example, you can filter some reports to only include certain properties and data from a certain data range.

🚨 Be sure not to group the data in your report!

Save your new report in Appfolio and give a unique name you can identify (ie. Aptly - Tenants)

Schedule the Appfolio report send into Aptly

To complete this final step, you will need your unique Appfolio integration email from Aptly. To locate this email, follow these steps:

  1. From within your Aptly account, click the Location icon from the primary navigation on the left menu and then Buildings.
  2. Click the settings icon ⚙️ on the top right on the table.
  3. Click on Integrations on the menu, then click Appfolio.
  4. Enable the integration by clicking the switch in the top corner and then scroll to the bottom on the panel to copy the integration email address.
💡 Copy this email address and use it when scheduling your supported Appfolio reports into Aptly. 

Return to your Appfolio report and copy this email into the Schedule Report option

Name your report something that will help you identify it in the future (ie. Aptly- Applications). Ensure that you have selected the CSV option from the Format dropdown. Then paste your Aptly Integration email into the Recipients field.

Add any text in the Message field and be sure to set the frequency to Daily. When finished, click Save.

Manually importing Supported Appfolio Reports into Aptly (Manual Uploads)

  1. From AppFolio, click Reporting
  2. Click Reports
  3. Choose a supported report as described above
  4. Follow the directions above to set the filter, columns and grouping of the report and click Save
  5. Click Actions
  6. Click Export as CSV

6. From within your Aptly account, click the Location icon from the primary navigation on the left and then the Buildings icon.

7. Click the settings icon ⚙️ on the top right.

8. Click on Integrations, then click on Appfolio.

9. Enable the Appfolio integration and then click the purple button for import the appropriate report.

10. Locate the report you exported as a CSV

11. Repeat this process for any other supported Appfolio report

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