What is the Happiness Score?

In Aptly, the Happiness Score measures how happy your residents are with the service your team provides. 

When you close a conversation in Aptly, a customer satisfaction survey is sent to residents and owners. Also, a link to the survey is included in your email signature.

With the survey, residents can rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 and provide specific feedback. Results from the customer satisfaction surveys create the overall Happiness Score ranging from 0%, very unhappy to 100%, very happy. 

Why does the Happiness Score Matter?

Every conversation with a resident is measured with the Happiness Score, revealing important insights about resident happiness. Use these powerful metrics to boost resident relationships, increase renewal rates, improve online reputation and identify and correct areas of improvement.

Boost Resident Relationships and Increase Renewal Rates

In the past, property managers focused on leasing to build communities and keep occupancy full. Now, big name multifamily companies have changed the game by advocating for excellent resident relations. Instead of seeking new residents, lease renewals save time, money and reduce vacancy risk.

In a survey conducted by Avail, property managers said finding new residents cost them up to $2500 per lease. Think about how many vacancies you fill per month. That number can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year.

Use the Happiness score to improve resident relationships which will increase renewal rates and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Improve Online Reputation

In business today, customer satisfaction is more important than ever. A bad review on Google, a Facebook rant or an angry tweet can cause irreversible damage to your reputation. In Aptly, customer satisfaction surveys help mitigate risk by providing a safe place for residents to vent. 

Instead of reacting to negative social media reviews, be proactive and stop bad reviews before they happen. Capture valuable resident feedback with the Happiness Score. Use this data to convert unhappy residents into brand ambassadors who promote and recommend your properties online.

Identify and Correct Areas of Improvement

With the Happiness Score, you can monitor resident sentiment by contact, property, issue type or conversation. Use this data to drill down on areas that need improvement and laser focus training efforts. By tracking the Happiness Score, managers can use these powerful metrics to lead teams more effectively, improve customer service and boost resident relations.

Start capturing Happiness Scores by enabling customer satisfaction surveys today. Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

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