Create a shared calendar, like leasing or maintenance, to keep your team up to date. Everyone who has access can view and schedule events, so your team always knows what’s next.

In this article, you’ll learn:

1. How to share a calendar with your team

Before you begin, make sure to import your calendars from Outlook or Gmail. If you haven’t completed this, click here for instructions.

How to Share a Calendar with Your Team

1. Click the settings icon in the bottom left corner.
2. Under Company Settings, click Shared Calendars.
3. Choose an existing calendar or click add to sync a new calendar from Gmail or Outlook.

💡 You must create a calendar in Gmail or Outlook first, before you can add it to Aptly.

4. Enter the Shared Calendar title in the name field.
5. If you’d like, you can change your timezone, add a specific color to the shared calendar, determine how far in advance your team will be reminded of an event and assign an owner to the calendar.
6. Select the team members you’d like to access the shared calendar.
7. Click Save.

For help managing your calendar, including how to add and edit events, click here.

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