Create an alert for a specific contact your entire team can view with Contact Alerts in Aptly. The Contact Alert relays important information through a red banner above the contact’s conversations and on their contact card.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to create a Contact Alert
  2. How to use Contact Alerts

How to Create a Contact Alert

  1. Click Contacts
  2. Click on a Contact
  3. A box will appear on the right. Under Contact Alert, click the plus icon.
  4. Select Add Contact Alert
  5. Set an expiration date (optional). Once a Contact Alert expires, it disappears.
  6. Enter the Contact Alert message
  7. Click Save

The Contact Alert will display in a red banner in the contact card under Contact Alerts. 

It will also display in a red banner above the contact’s conversations.

How to Use Contact Alerts

  • Alert teammates of residents in legal action with instructions on how to handle communication
  • Highlight residents that have referred others to thank them
  • Alert team of unhappy residents who need extra love and attention
  • Set temporary alerts to notify teammates of building wide issues that affects residents (ie. water, electricity, access, etc)

There are many other ways to use Contact Alerts. Use your imagination and make them work for your team!

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