Do you know how to use Aptly's tools in harmony to launch an effective reputation development campaign?

The theme of this week's newsletter touches on this very topic. Stay tuned for long-format webinar content on reputation development using some of the new Aptly UI tools in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, I go over 2 possible workflows using Happiness Filters, Topic Following, and Communication Templates in harmony to target and solicit positive online feedback in the below video:

Admin Updates

Bulk Email 

This release is primary covered in the below section as this feature can be accessible to all team members but it's important to know Admins must enable Bulk Emailing on a role-by-role basis in the Company Info & Team Settings:

User Updates

Bulk Email

You can access the Bulk Email feature on the Contacts page.

Select the contacts you'd like to bulk message and press the "Bulk Email" option in the upper-right corner of the page:

Bulk Emails are complete with communication templates, merge fields, and a message previewer:

Read all about Bulk Email here. 

In the Spotlight

Using Bulk Emailing to Target and Solicit Positive Online Feedback

Targeted communication efforts gracefully asking the right contacts (at the right time) can affectingly improve your reputation especially if you make this feedback effort easy for the contacts to fulfill. 

Here's the problem: 

Most of the time, business simply don't ask for positive feedback. And, if they do, it's the wrong person at the wrong time. 

Here's the solution:

Add a Topic called Positive Feedback and use some associated keywords like thank you, awesome, wonderful, the best -- you get the idea. Follow this Topic and request feedback using a custom template when emails come in under this filter.

You can also use Happiness Filters on the Contacts page to identify contacts with a Happiness Score say, 80% or higher. Send these contacts a bulk email using the same positive feedback request template you made for the above workflow.  

Also be sure you have your social sites configured on positive CSAT reviews. Contacts who score you 4 or higher will be directed to post the same feedback on your configured sites linking them directly to the review page.

👆These workflows and corresponding setups are covered in the above video. Hint.👆

Upcoming Releases

Rules Engine

Do any of the mail rules sound handy?

💡 If an email comes from an owner, then mark as a priority and forward to the broker.
💡 If an email is sent to the resident relations inbox, then automatically send a default reply.
💡 If an email is sent from a personal inbox, then add a 15 second send delay. 

We're building a rules engine based on our customer (that's you!) demands. You can schedule a time to talk with me to go over requests (if I don't get to you first.)

Looking for Something?

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Further, if you have a neat training resource idea -- or if you're in general need of guidance with Aptly -- contact me directly at [email protected] 

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