Friday is the big day, you guys. It's in the newsletter now and that's the equivalent of an Aptly pinky promise. And pinky promises are sacred

Apltly's new build will be available for opt-in at the top of your screen tomorrow.

The new UI is a polished but fluid Beta product. Please report any bugs and feel free to be critical of the design, flow, and features. 

Admin Updates

Share your Feedback

Aptly would like to interview you for a case study. We will promote your case study on Aptly’s website and social channels.

Do you have something to say about:

     💡 Aptly and it's use in your business
     💡 Business problems you’ve faced in the past or are anticipating as the housing           market begins to cool
     💡 What makes your business or management style effective
     💡 Growth, retention, and reputation strategy

Check out some of our past case studies and schedule a 30 minute interview with me to get the ball rollin'

User Updates

New UI Run Down

Tomorrow, in the new UI opt-in, look for:

     🙌 Aptlets -
     💗 Happiness Dashboard
     ✨ Redesigned Inbox: Mine, Sharing, and Assigning changes
     📢 Adding Conversations to Contacts or Locations

If you prefer a live demo of this new ui, contact [email protected] to set up a meeting with our Customer Success team. 

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