With Aptly, you can assign conversations to the right teammate and know exactly who’s following up, avoiding duplicate replies and cutting down on response times. 

In this article you’ll learn:

  1. How to assign conversations to teammates
  2. What happens when a teammate is assigned a conversation

How to Assign Conversations to Teammates

  1. From your Inbox, click the conversation you want to assign.
  2. Click Unassigned.
  3. Search for or select the teammate you’d like to assign. 

You’ll see who’s assigned to the conversation in the top left corner of the message window.

Note: Assigned conversations will disappear from your My Inbox view but be available under TEAM by clicking the assigned to user.

What happens when a teammate is assigned a conversation

  • They’ll receive a notification.
  • They can view what’s assigned to them from the Assigned to Me tab in their Inbox.
  • They’ll be able to see the entire conversation thread assigned to them.

💡 Instead of using forwards or CCs, assign a private message from your personal inbox. The assignee will be able to see the full conversation thread and pick up right where you left off!

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