The Happiness Dashboard is a highly visible way to see overall real-time sentiment and sentiment trends. Just click the heart in the upper-right corner of your Aptly Account:

Company Happiness Score

Use the filter in the top-left to see trends from the last 90/30/7 days. 

The number in the top section is your aggregated happiness score for the time period selected. The remaining sections give you a quick break down on response rates and a feedback overview:

Other Dashboard Elements

The Happiness Dashboard will also display:

Happiness by Location - Happiest locations in your portfolio
Top Happiness Makers - Team members getting the happiest feedback
Contacts Needing Love - Recent contacts who submitted a poor CSAT

Ok, Now What?

Listen and Respond to the Feedback!

💡 Add Contact Alerts to the contacts who recently submitted poor CSAT reviews in efforts to reconcile the situation and restore happiness. Call or email that person and try to prevent poor feedback from becoming a poor Yelp review. 

💡 Make a physical scoreboard in your office based off the location and/or team member Happiness Score to reward and reinforce positive contact interactions. 

💡 Add contacts needing love to an Aptlet and track their sentiment over time

💡 Ensure your social sites are configured to prompt positive feedback to get posted online 

💡 Get more feedback by using AdHoc CSATs

Don't see any data in you dashboard? 

You have no customer feedback. Let's change that:

Enable Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys on email close
Use an AdHoc CSAT Aptlet

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