CSAT survey triggers are no longer limited to the closing of an email conversation. You can send CSAT surveys as needed using an Aptlet. 

Your contact will receive a survey request with more general language than what they would see with an email closure CSAT survey (detailed below).

Send Ad Hoc CSAT Surveys

Add a new item to the Needs Survey stage. Enter the name of your Contact in the Contact filed and save.

Move the Aptlet card from the Needs Survey to Survey Sent stage to trigger the CSAT Survey:

Who do I survey?

💡 Recent move-ins/outs
💡 Walk-ins who had a positive interaction
💡 Anyone who has given positive feedback in a conversation but did not submit a survey on email closure

Survey Email Details

Your recipients will receive an email with the following details:

Subject: Property Management Company | How would you rate your recent experiences?
Body: Let <Property Management Company Name> know how that're doing based your recent experiences. 

The language used in surveys sent via Aptlet is less specific than the survey sent on conversation close:

Aplet Survey:

Email Close Survey:

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