Have you used the new Aptly yet? You can access -- or even exclusively work from -- the all new Aptly.

Remember, this is a polished but fluid beta product. We rely on feedback from users like you to report bugs, inconsistencies, or design confusion. Don't be shy!

Ad hoc CSAT surveys provide more sentiment insight

CSAT surveys can be triggered when Aptlet cards are placed in a defined stage. This feature allows you to create an Aptlet board dedicated to surveying your contacts on an as needed basis:

Prior to the release of Aptlets, the CSAT survey trigger was contingent only on the close of an email. Use ad hoc CSAT surveys if you desire to survey your contacts unrelated to a conversation. 

Learn all about Ad Hoc CSAT Surveys here.

See your Company Happiness Score and trending sentiment

In the new version of Aptly, your aggregated Company Happiness score is visible in the new Happiness Dashboard located in the top-right part of the page. Toggle between time filters to review trending scores:

If you don't have data on your Happiness dashboard :

  1. Enable CST surveys to send when users archive an email. 
  2. Enable the CSAT survey option in your Aptly email signature
  3. Use an adhoc survey aptlet to control the sending of surveys on an as needed basis.  

Use the Survey Overview report to improve relationships and reputation

Learn how to connect the dots using Aptly Happiness data + Aptly features (like communication templates, contact alerts, and social site configuration) to improve relationships and reputation:


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