The Survey Overview report compiles your CSAT scores and feedback responses. Use this report to get a real-time pulse on resident, tenant, prospect, and/or owner sentiment. 

Configuring and reading the report 

The Survey Overview report can be found on the Insights page.

Filter the report by date and Contact type ie Residents and/or Prospects, etc. Sort the report by various columns. Smuggest use is to sort data by the CSAT score so you can review the report from descending/ascending sentiment. 

Custom feedback can be found in the far-right column.

Best practice suggestions

Our findings show, the best organizations that respond to feedback have better results improving sentiment and, subsequently, reputation. Generally, you should use the Survey Overview report to identify, intervene, and improve. 

Designate a team member to consistently pull and react to the report

Who handles reputation in your office? 

A manager who oversees reputation, customer service, or relationships should be in charge of pulling and combining this report on a regular basis. This person should also have the authority to provide feedback to employees and communicate with your contacts who may be in need of concessions or managerial empowerment.  

The designated team member can use the strategies listed below to improve relationships, reputation, and employee conduct. 

Use the report to intervene and improve relationships

  1. Have a communication template handy for complainants and/or recent negative CSAT responses. Intervene and respond to contacts who gave you a recent rating of 3 or less in efforts to right any wrongs, show compassion and empathy, and ultimately mitigating the potential for the negative feedback to show up publicly on online review websites. 
  2. Alternatively, it might be worth acknowledging positive feedback. You may even want your fans to report their sentiment on a review platform like Yelp.
  3. Audit the conversations of those who received a poor rating to see if there are legitimate training opportunities you can use to improve communication. 

You can copy some of our sentiment-related communication templates complete with merge fields to make this process seamless!

Get more sentiment data

The power of sentiment cannot be understated in the day and age of online reviews, social media, transparency in business practices, and widely-available information that makes renters, owners, and prospects informed and smart about buying their decisions. 

Survey Overview report looking a little bare? Consider:

Enabling CSAT Surveys on email close
Surveying prospect contact types
Using adhoc surveys
Adding survey prompts to various aptlet stages

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