In a nutshell, Aptly is a productivity platform that integrates communication features and information from your property management software (PMS). Most business choose to use Aptly to gain visibility into things like: 

• Task execution
• Sentiment from residents, prospects, and owners (if single family)
• Responsiveness and communication habits

Aptly also has several features that make the platform desirable to both managers non-managerial users.

Use less technology, remember fewer passwords, learn a single system

Aptly combines information from your PMS with email and productivity tools. We have the potential to eliminate several other platforms you may be using to accomplish things like task management, email, bulk communication, masked phone calls and text messages, internal chat, documentation storage, and much more. 

Know exactly what you need to do (and who is doing what)

Through the Aptlet Dashboard, you'll see tasks assigned to you for completion. Aptlets are task management tools akin to Trello or Asana. You can create tasks from your emails, create tasks from the Aptlet boards, or tasks can be assigned to you by others. You'll be able to collaborate with your team, access PMS data, and use email/text communication features to execute these tasks seamlessly. 

Power through email with automation and productivity tools

Communication templates and communication template suggestions complete with merge fields minimize the time it takes to reply back to common emails like complaints, leasing inquiries, pet applications, or anything else your admin pre-loads into Aptly. 

You'll also have neat communication tools like email reminders, snooze, bulk email/text messages, internal chat, masked phone numbers, automatic read receipts, and much more!

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