Move over old Aptly!

Tonight we release the newest version of our platform inclusive of updates from design enhancements, to Aptlets --our powerful kanban-style productivity tool integrated with your inbox and property management software -- and a handful of other highly-demanded features.

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Read up on Aptlets and get the wheels churning

Aptlets are kanban boards containing separate cards of information used for data storage or linear staged-based tracking:

Aptlets can be used for:

💡 Tracking and storing inspections: Inspections allows you to track upcoming, ongoing, and completed inspections. Upload the inspection report for ongoing access to past inspections that are forever connected to a single record accessible to your entire team.
💡 Reviewing pet application submissions: Direct residents to submit pet applications on their own through a Typeform integration. Once submitted, the request will automatically attach to Pet Application as a new item. Team members can manually add new items on behalf of the residents if needed. Review pet applications inclusive of photos and optional medical paperwork before approving an animal for the property.
💡 Prioritizing turns on a digital make ready board: Give your leasing team visibility into make ready statues and eliminate confusion and disappointment when listings fail to be ready for new residents. Allow your leasing team to determine the prioritization based on upcoming move-ins and potentially reduce vacancy rates.
💡 Sending CSAT surveys on an as needed basis: Ad Hoc CSAT Surveys allow you to survey a Contact without the contingency of archiving an email or completing a task. Use Ad Hoc Surveys to obtain more sentiment information with control and intention.
💡 Tracking security deposit dispositions once your residence go on notice: Security Deposit Dispositions work well with Inspections; consolidate documentation related to the disposition -- like a move out inspection -- accessible to the team in a single record.

And the list goes on! Read more about Aptlets and contact Customer Success if you have processes you'd like to consolidate into Aptly providing visibility, accessibility, and collaboration capabilities to your entire team.

Additional new and enhanced features to look for next week

💗 A Happiness Dashboard: The Happiness Dashboard is a highly visible way to see overall real-time sentiment and sentiment trends.
🔗 Relating items in Pane 4: Contact, Location, and Aptlet records now have a Related tab on the pane 4 flyout. This tab contains items that Aptly will automatically relate and items you can manually relate to a record.
💬 Quick action icons: Quick action icons allow you to email, text, call, and note the record without leaving the pane.
🚨 Mass Contact Alerts: Contact Alerts can now be added in mass on multiple contacts at once.
🔐 Private Topics: Add Topics to emails that are private to you for better email organization.

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