Coming soon: The Apltet Library! The Aptlet Library will be an in-app gateway to Aptlet templates that you can add to your account at the click of a button. 

Users will be able to search Aptlets by workflow category and add an Aptlet Package inclusive of the Aptlet template, Communication Templates, Topics and Keywords to their account. 

Browse the beginnings of our Aptlet Library now for inspiration

Currently, Aptlets can only be added to your account by Aptly Customer Success. We know, it's a little friction-y, but we promise we will be handing you the control by allowing you to add Aptlet templates on your own.

Aptlet templates have already been built. You can see short video examples for the below workflows and -- if you see something you like -- we will add the template to your account.

🐶 Pet Applications: Track and manage pet applications that come in after a from submission by your residents.
🏡 Resident Leads: A CRM to manage and track prospective residents and ILS sources.
🔎 Inspections: Track your inspection schedule and store inspection reports.
Make Ready Board: Prioritize turns to ensure listings are ready for move in.
Employee Time Off: Manage your team's vacation requests.
💗 Ad Hoc CSAT Surveys : Survey your Contacts on an as needed basis.

Here's a powerful example of several new features used in conjunction including Quick Action Icons, an Inspection Aptlet, and CSAT triggers in Aptlet stages:

How others in the Aptly community have used Aptlets so far

We're seeing traction with the Ad Hoc CSAT Survey Aptlet, Resident Leads Aptlet, and some custom requests like Yearly Maintenance and Notice to Vacate.

If you would like us to add a custom Aptlet to your account, reach out to Customer Success on Live Chat. It's a 5 minute setup and you'll be able to use your Aptlet right away.

In case you missed it: The All New Aptly webinar

This webinar demos the enhanced Assign and Sharing features, the enhanced Inbox view, and thoroughly covers the new Happiness Dashboard and Aptlets. I demo Inspections, Resident Leads, and Pet Applications Aptlets below:

If you prefer private training on Aptlets -- or any of our new/enhanced features -- schedule live training with me here:

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