Aptlet Description

Direct residents to submit pet applications on their own through a Typeform integration. Once submitted, the request will automatically attach to Pet Applications as a new item. Team members can manually add new items on behalf of the resident if needed. 

Review pet application inclusive of photos and optional medical paperwork before approving an animal in the property.

Video Example

Watch this 2 minute video demonstrating how a resident will fill out a pet application and the pet application submission attaching directly to your Pet Application board.

The video demonstrates a stage-based Customer Satisfaction Survey prompt for the Approved staged; that prompt is removed for the Denied stage.

Suggested Communication Templates

Keep it consistent and streamline work by using a Communication Template for each stage of the Pet Screening aptlet. Use the pre-formatted templates below editing where needed:

Pet Application Request

Hi {{firstname}},

Please complete you pet application using our online form. [LINK YOUR TYPEFORM]

You must submit an application for each pet. Please be prepared to upload a picture of your pet and any medical paperwork, if applicable. 

We will alert you when your application is under review. You will be notified of our decision within 48 hours of submission. 

Please reply back to this email if you have any questions, {{firstname}}.

Thank you,


New Application Submitted

Hi {{firstname}},

Your pet application for {{Pet Application["Pet Name"]}} has been received! We are currently evaluating {{Pet Application["Pet Name"]}} to ensure our defined pet policy will be upheld should we approve your application. 

Please allow up up to 48 hours to process this application. You will receive a follow up email once a decision has been made. 

Thank you for patience, {{firstname}}. 


Pet Application Approved

Hi {{firstname}},

We're happy to inform you that {{Pet Application["Pet Name"]}} is a welcome pet with [PROPERTY MANAGEMENT NAME]!

Please be prepared to pay the following pet-related fees for {{Pet Application["Pet Name"]}}:

• A ${{Pet Application["Pet Deposit"]}} Pet Deposit
• An additional ${{Pet Application["Pet Rent"]}} monthly Pet Rent

Please contact us if you have additional questions about our pet policy.

Thank you,


Pet Application Denied

Hi {{firstname}},

Unfortunately, {{Pet Application["Pet Name"]}} does not meet the standing pet policy criteria for [PROPERTY MANAGEMENT NAME]. The reason for our decision is listed below:

• {{Pet Application["Denial Reason"]}}

Please reply back to this email if you would like to discuss or contest our decision. We'll be happy to reconsider if you believe our reasoning to be faulty. 

We apologize for any disappointment and inconvenience.

Thank you,


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