Aptlets can best be described as, "Trello for property management, but connected to an omnichannel inbox." 

But I get it, Aptlets have been a little elusive. They're nowhere to be found in your account yet (unless you asked me to put one there) and there's likely lingering interest/confusion about how powerful these property-management-specific-omni-channel-PMS-integrated-kanban-style-organization-boards really are. 


Browse the new Aptlet Gallery to install Aptlets at a click-of-a-button

The Aptlet Gallery contains dozens of pre-configured Aptlet templates designed around common property management processes. Each template comes complete with a video demonstration, screenshots of the Aptlet in use, and a description of the included card fields, pre-set checklists, and any communication templates contained in the Aptlet template package.

Pictured: The Aptlet Gallery

Several templates include Communication Templates appropriate for each stage of the Aptlet merging card data into the email. Here's a Communication Template sample from the Lease Renewal Aptlet template:

You can add template packages to your account at a click-of-a-button in the Aptlet Gallery. The Aptlet Gallery can be found in your Aptlet dashboard.

There's an Aptlet for that: Sales and Marketing

Check out some of the Aptlet templates available in the Sales and Marketing category in the Aptlet Gallery spotlighted below.

Marketing Campaigns - Easily collaborate on marketing efforts for streamlined publishing:

Owner Leads - A CRM to manage and track inbound/outbound homeowners needing tenant placement and property management services: 

Resident Leads - A CRM to manage and track prospective residents and ILS sources:

The Gallery is an ever-expanding source of Aptlet Templates

Not finding what you need in the Gallery? Let not your heart be troubled, we will continuously add templates and happily take requests from users to share with the entire Aptly community. 

A few soon-to-be-released Aptlets currently in the building stage include: For Sale, Single Family Competitor Analysis, Relists, Property Acquisition Tracking and Helpdesk. 

Stay tuned for continuous template releases or contact Customer Success to request custom Aptlets and/or Aptlet training. 

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