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Edit custom fields on Aptlets

Upcoming Releases

Microsoft direct integration
In-line email replies
Aptly phone interface update

On the Roadmap

Bi-directional Propertyware Integration

🚨 Sneak Peek Exclusive! Adam demonstrated to the team how he connected leases in Propertyware to a task board in Aptly.

He imported all the leases from our demo Propertyware account in an Active column in a task board. When he moved a lease from the Active column to the Active - Notice Given column in Aptly, it simultaneity put the resident on notice in Propertyware:

Stay tuned for 2-way lease functionality and more in our upcoming Aptly/Propertyware bi-directional integration release. 

Needs More Customer Voice

Reply to this email if any of the ideas recently expressed by customers below are of interest to you:

Zapier Integration

Zapier (rhymes with happier and I'm sticking to that pronunciation) allows end-users to integrate the apps they use. Zapier works with over 1500+ apps. 

Zinspector Integration 

Zinspector is a property inspection app that syncs with Propertyware. 

Remove communication templates boundary

Remove the permissions boundary to communication templates allowing anyone on the team to make and save templates that are either globally accessible to the account or private to the user. 

Help me prioritize my important emails!

A rules engine that uses if/then logic focused on inbox prioritization. eg: "If the email is from a homeowner than pin the email to the top of my inbox and send me an explicit notification."

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