Email and SMS messages support conversation reminders. Add these reminders on conversations you send and receive in your inbox to get a notification to follow up at a specified date and time.

How to add a conversation reminder to an email or SMS conversation

Inbound conversations

From the email message, locate the overflow icon at the bottom-right of the pane and select the Set reminder option:

A module will appear where you can choose the logic the reminder follows, the time you'd like the reminder to appear, and any custom messaging that may help you remember your intended task upon notification:

Outbound conversations

Locate the alarm icon at the bottom-center part of an email or SMS composer box then configure the same module as above. 

Note: the outbound notifications allow a handy extra logic option not available on inbound conversations. You can choose to receive a conversation reminder if the recipient has not read the message:

Locate pending reminders and reminder notifications 

Locate conversations with pending reminders by adding the Reminders view to your left side-pane by using the More overflow icon:

Configure the reminder delivery method in your Notification settings by inbox:

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