Conversations are catalysts from many multi-step tasks like receiving a notice to vacate from a resident or a time off request from someone on your team. 

Add this task to a visible and collaborative Aptlet board to unbury traditionally lost emails that get hidden, neglected, and sometimes forgotten about in your personal and/or shared inbox.

Create an Aptlet Card from an email

  1. From the message, locate the Create Card button at the bottom of the conversation.

  2. You’ll see a pulsing blue dot on the create card button if you have suggested Aptlet cards. 

  3. Click create card to start a workflow right from your inbox.

  4. On the right side, select the board where the card will be created.

  5. After you create a new card, fill out the appropriate fields in the right-hand column. The fields will vary based on the board.

Relate an Aptlet Card from an email

With longer tasks, there is a large possibility that multiple email threads get created. When subject lines change, communications only reach certain people, or tenants reach out to multiple team members, it can be hard to keep track of deadlines and expectations. Keep your story straight by relating an email to an existing Aptlet Card.

  1. From a message, navigate to the right side and click the Related tab.

  2. Click the + on the Aptlets section.

  3. Use keywords to search for the existing card and click on the card.

💡 Relate multiple conversations to a single Aptlet to maintain consistent communication and expectations for tenants and residents.

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