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Recently Released

Aptly Phone SMS Design

We've revamped the SMS design to look and feel more like a mobile experience complete with in-line responses and character counter:

Learn more about using the Aptly Phone for calls and SMS in Aptly.

Bulk Messaging from Aptlet Cards

Send bulk emails and text messages to multiple contacts related to an Aptlet task card:

Example use cases for this new feature include:

💡 Sending bid requests to vendors related to a renovation project consolidating all bid responses to a single record.
💡 Notify all related residents the water of their building will be shut off for a maintenance issue.
💡 Send notes to employees who attended a meeting. 

Learn more about bulk email and SMS

Upcoming Releases

Private Aptlet Boards: Private task management boards by user
Aptlet Parsing: New card automation when used with a unique email address
Aptlet Workflows: Related communication templates prompts when card is moved to different stages

On the Roadmap 

Microsoft Direct Integration: Elimination of email latency and sync issues for all Microsoft Office 365 users
Aptlet Color Coding: Assign colors to Aptlet task cards
Propertyware Bi-Direction Integration: Lease, maintenance, and conversation write-back from Aptly to Propertyware

Needs Customer Voice

Reply to this email if any of the ideas recently expressed by customers below are of interest to you:

Zapier Integration: Zapier (rhymes with happier and I'm sticking to that pronunciation) allows end-users to integrate the apps they use. Zapier works with over 1500+ apps. 

Zinspector Integration: Zinspector is a property inspection app that syncs with Propertyware. 

Remove communication templates boundary: Remove the permissions boundary to communication templates allowing anyone on the team to make and save templates that are either globally accessible to the account or private to the user. 

Help me prioritize my important emails: A rules engine that uses if/then logic focused on inbox prioritization. eg: "If the email is from a homeowner than pin the email to the top of my inbox and send me an explicit notification."

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