Use private or shared segments to narrow down information based on field criteria like stage, assignee, or priority. Create segments to make custom groups of Aptlet cards, or Locations.

Segments help you slice and dice information into smaller chunks to review key data or launch workflows. Bulk message related contacts from a specific segment or copy cards to another board to manage on a workflow specific board.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to create custom segments 
  2. Segment examples for Aptlets

How to create a segment

  1. From Locations, or an Aptlet Board, click +Filter in the top left corner

2. Click Add Segment.

3. Add a segment name.

4. Choose if the segment is private to you or shared with your team.

5. Add criteria to create the segment.

6. Once you’ve chosen the criteria, click Save.

7. To pin a view to the top left click the pushpin 📌 icon

💡 The Mine view is a standard Segment showing all your assigned cards

💡 Add multiple rules to refine your Segment based on conditional rules

Segment examples for Aptlets & Locations


  • Assignee, to easily see what each team member is assigned. 
  • Lease End Date, to identify expiring leases and begin the renewal process.
  • Move out or move in dates, for a make-ready board.
  • Lead source, for a resident or owner, leads board.
  • Created date, to review recent lead and marketing activities.


  • Status, to see what properties are in collections
  • Status, to see upcoming renewals
  • Building, to see all units in a building

💡 Want a head start? Install a board from our Gallery, which has best practice segments created by our team of Property Management experts!

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