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Recently Released

Watch the video summery of this week's release package or read on for details:

Communication Template Improvements

All related communication templates suggestions now populate for easier selection and rank by "most used" (as opposed to an alphabetic ranking). Look for the pulsing blue dot at the bottom of your message and template suggestions in the far-right pane:

Read more about using communication templates to streamline email replies and bring consistency to your team's communication.

Aptlet Card Suggestions

Avoid creating duplicate cards with Aptly’s new card suggestions. Our technology will detect if there is an open card related to the contact in a conversation. 

Look for the pulsing blue dot to view all open cards prior to creating a new card and potentially duplicating tasks. All the cards related to the contact will populate in the far-right pane so you have a better scope of your contact’s history with your organization:

Learn more about creating an Aptlet card from an email.

Tasklisk Improvements

Tasklists on aptlet cards are now editable, drag-and-drop friendly, and line items are easier to add and edit on the fly:

Recent Activity

The new icon at the top-right corner of your app reveals your history allowing you to click on a line item to be brought back to a previous page:

Upcoming Releases

Limited Users: Grant non-Aptly users limited permissions to interact with you in the app
Private Aptlets: Visibility and modification permissions on aptlet boards
Aptlet Dashboard Redesign: Includes an at a-glance breakdown of tasks by status in each board alongside a digestible live feed of updates

On the Roadmap 

Microsoft Direct Integration
Bi-directional Propertyware Integration

Needs Customer Voice

Reply to this email if any of the ideas recently expressed by customers below are of interest to you:

Zapier Integration: Zapier (rhymes with happier and I'm sticking to that pronunciation) allows end-users to integrate the apps they use. Zapier works with over 1500+ apps. 

Zinspector Integration: Zinspector is a property inspection app that syncs with Propertyware. 

Slack Integration: Slack is an internal chat app that allows both direct and group conversations. 

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