Once you’ve set up a new account with Aptly, the first thing you should do is integrate your property management software. Integrating Aptly with Propertyware allows you to bidirectionally sync portfolios, buildings, units, leases, contacts, and work orders directly into Aptly.

How to integrate Aptly with Propertyware

  1. Click the Buildings icon on the left bar.
  2. Click Settings ⚙️, then Integrations
  3. Click the Propertyware edit icon. A box will appear on the right.
  4. Enter your Propertyware credentials and click Submit.
  5. If you’d like to sync multiple Propertyware accounts, click the plus button.

Buildings, Leases, Portfolios, Units and Contacts

Once you’ve successfully integrated Propertyware, click the building icon to view Buildings, Leases, Portfolios and Units all integrated with Propertyware. 

When you access Buildings, Leases, Portfolios or Units for the first time you’ll need to select which columns to view. Click edit columns in the top right corner and select the columns you’d like to see.

Click Contacts to view tenants, vendors, owners and prospects integrated from Propertyware.

Work Orders

Once your integration is complete, all your open work orders from Propertyware will sync to Aptly. To view your work orders, click the Aptlets icon. Then click your Work Orders board. Here you’ll see all your open work orders synced from Propertyware. 

Creating or editing work orders in this board will reflect in Propertyware and vice versa. Dragging the work order card from open to closed will close the work order in Aptly and Propertyware.

💡 Changes made in Aptly will sync instantaneously to Propertyware. Changes made to work orders in Propertyware will sync to Aptly each hour and all other changes will sync nightly.

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