Property Management Software (PMS) Integration

What PMS systems do you integrate with?

We currently integrate with AppFolio, Buildium, Propertyware, and Yardi. 

What kind of PMS integrations do you support?

We support a full bi-directional integration with Propertyware and one-way integrations with the other systems. 

What information is synced?

All PMS integrations support a sync of contacts (resident, tenant, owner) and locations (both occupied and vacant.)

Propertyware's bi-directional integration syncs leases and vendors in addition to the contact and location sync. Changes made to these objects in Aptly will push back into Propertyware in real time. 

How do I practically use the Aptly/PMS integration?

Use the PMS integration to view contact and location information without having to toggle platforms. Consolidate all conversations and tasks (inspections, pet applications, dispositions...anything!) to contacts in Aptly for a single, consolidated record on your residents, tenants, owners, and leads. 

Inbox Integration

What email providers do you integrate with?

We support integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail. Other providers can be connected via IMAP.

Can I send and receive emails in real time?

Aptly works best with Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail. Self-hosted Exchange clients, Microsoft Live/Personal users, and connections made via IMAP will experience email latency and lack of calendar integration. 

Are their considerations for email that is controlled by a 3rd party IT group?

If your IT group uses a self-hosted Exchange server that does not sync with the Microsoft Cloud, you will not be able to integrate your calendar and you will experience some email latency.

Does the inbox also integrate my inbox's calendar?

Microsoft Office 365 users (non self-hosted Exchange server clients) and Gmail users can integrate their mail calendar in Aptly. IMAP connections with other providers cannot integrate their mail calendars.

Can I use Aptly as my primary email platform?

Yes! In fact, using Aptly as your primary email platform is recommended to use our features harmoniously. This provides a consolidated platform that connects all work, including email. 

Phone and SMS Integration

How can I send and receive calls and texts in Aptly?

We use a proxy phone number provider, Twilio, to mask your existing phone number(s) and route all phone calls and text messages in Aptly. You can use a proxied number on personal phone lines and shared phone lines.

Are calls and texts my team make visible?

You can add a shared phone number and select users who have viability and usage permissions to the line (ie a tenant service team share a tenant service line).

Personal lines work like personal inboxes in that they are private to the user (ie an independent contractor leasing agent uses this phone number in ILS syndication and calls and text on their portfolio are only visible to the leasing agent).

Admins have a special permission option that allow them to see all lines and activity on those lines for both shared and personal phones alike. 

Can calls be recorded?

Yes. You can, by default, record all calls and review them in-app at any time. 

Can you send and receive attachments via text?

Yes. A few use cases for this might be receiving a picture of a photo ID for prospective tenants prior to the showing or sending a copy of a lease to a tenant. 

Can I use the Aptly phone in conjunction with my existing VOIP and/or phone tree?

Yes. We have a best practice recommendation of "burring" the personal Aptly phone lines (re-route to the individual) in the phone tree so you do not have to provision your main existing phone number. 

Task Management Boards

What make your boards different than Trello or Asana?

Aptly task management boards, or Aptlets, are integrated with your inbox, phone, and PMS. You can create task cards directly from your inbox and relate the task to a contact in your PMS.

For example, owner John Smith emails you requesting a random inspection for his tenant. You would convert this email into a task card and attach it to an Inspections task management board where the owner, tenant, and location will be related and the inspection task -- and the details you choose to contain in that task like the inspection date and report -- will forever be related to the owner, tenant, and location records. 

Do you have template boards like Trello?

Yes, but ours are property management-specific and were designed by seasoned property management and property management technology professionals. Boards can be installed complete with custom fields, communications templates, and checklist templates. All template boards can be customized. 

How do I get my tasks and processes out of spreadsheets and into Aptly?

Aptly will gather your existing process information and recreate your existing processes in Aptly. We'll even migrate your data. 


Do you have a phone app?

We have phone apps for both Android and Apple users. The phone app contains all the functionality of the desktop version of Aptly aside from some admin features like reporting and global settings. 

Do you support internal chat?

We have limited chat available throughout Aptly. Aptly users can chat on email threads, task cards, and contact and location records. 

Can users not on my team use Aptly for task management?

Yes. We support a limited user role for people you wish to see and interact with your task management boards without being able to use inbox, phone, or settings functionality. 

A use case for this role would be inviting vendors as limited users and assigning them tasks -- like pool servicing -- and allowing them to see contact details of tenants in need of pool servicing, making comments on tasks, filling in custom filed requirements, and moving cards to a done state when the servicing is complete. 

How do your CSATs work?

You can send customer satisfaction surveys to specific contact types (like owners, tenants, and prospects upon closing of an email or when you move a task management card into a pre-configured closed stage.

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