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Recently Released

Aptly now syncs back changes made to all contacts, buildings, portfolios, leases, and work orders -- instantly to Propertyware.  Changes made to work orders in Propertyware will push to Aptly every hour and all other changes made in Propertyware will push into Aptly nightly. 

Check out what bi-directional work order integration between Aptly and Propertyware looks like in the short video below:

💡 Convert emails into work orders in from your inbox in Aptly; they'll automatically sync back to Propertyware
💡 Change the status of a lease to on notice in Aptly; it'll automatically sync back to Propertyware
💡 Bulk email everyone in a portfolio from Aptly; both tenants and owners now sync into Aptly by portfolio from Propertyware

Upcoming Releases

Limited Users: Grant non-Aptly users limited permissions to interact with you in the app
Private Aptlets: Visibility and modification permissions on aptlet boards
Aptlet Dashboard Redesign: Includes an at a-glance breakdown of tasks by status in each board alongside a digestible live feed of updates
Microsoft Office Direct Integration: We're eliminating threading emails by common subject or intermittent sync issues with direct connection to Microsoft 

In Case You Missed it

Aptly Phone SMS Design

We've revamped the SMS design to look and feel more like a mobile experience complete with in-line responses and character counter:

Integrate your line with an Aptly Phone so you can:

💡 Get visibility on text message conversations
💡 Record phone calls
💡 Send bulk text messages directly from Aptly

Needs Customer Voice

Zapier Integration: Zapier (rhymes with happier and I'm sticking to that pronunciation) allows end-users to integrate the apps they use. Zapier works with over 1500+ apps. 

Zinspector Integration: Zinspector is a property inspection app that syncs with Propertyware. 

Slack Integration: Slack is an internal chat app that allows both direct and group conversations. 

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