Use the My Profile page to fill in basic contact details and set up specifics to your account.

Click here to go directly to the My Profile page. Otherwise, access the page from your person icon at the bottom-left part of your page >> My Profile>> My Profile.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to add an Avatar
  2. Filling in contact details
  3. Setting up you email signature

Add an Avatar

Square photos with dimensions of 200x200 or 400x400 work best for your Aptly Avatar. Upload a JPEG or PNG file and Save.

Avatars are only seen internally in Aptly.

Fill Out Contact Details and Other Basics

Aside from filling in basic contact details, ensure your default inbox and default calendars are selected. If you have access to multiple inboxes/calendars, this is especially important:

Save changes once complete.

Configure Your Email Inbox Signature(s) Manually

In the Signature section of the My Profile page, add a signature to your account by typing it into the signature field, format the text, add images, and links by using the options in the editor's toolbar and Save.

You can setup unique signatures per inbox (if you synced multiple email accounts or belong to a shared inbox/inboxes) by using the drop-down menu to specify the inbox before adding a signature:

Save changes once complete.

💡 For additional information on how to set up your Aptly Signature using a formatted template, please visit the
Formatted Signatures Help Article!

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