Use the Topic Breakdown Report to get a pulse on what your contacts are talking about and make goals around the report to strategically improve sentiment category-by-category. 

Aptly’s Topic Breakdown report helps you see just what your contacts are talking to you about by quantifying the topic of the email conversations over a defined period of time from your specified contact type. You can even see the average CSAT score as it relates to that email conversation topic. 

After reading this article you will be able to:

  1. Add custom Topics to Aptly that will be included in the Topic Breakdown report

  2. Identify low-sentiment Topics that you and the team can rally around to improve

Adding Topics in Aptly

Remember, topics are a way of categorizing emails and can be manually created in Aptly to custom fit any property management group dynamic. For example, if your business is attempting to mitigate door churn, you can create a custom topic in Aptly called “churn” directly from the inbox and begin to quantify how many conversations are related to that topic over time:

Using the Topic Breakdown Report to Identify Areas Needing Improvement

The Topic Breakdown report is an excellent tool to help guide you with Happiness Goals. Happiness Goals are specific efforts of sentiment improvements as they relate to your owners and tenants -- even your employees! Read more about making Happiness Goals here. 

Use the Topic Breakdown report to identify a topic of low sentiment based on the average CSAT score for that topic.

In this example, you can see the topic “Maintenance” has a the lowest average CSAT score from your contacts from recent conversations:

From this finding you can rally the team around improving the overall maintenance experience perhaps even reconsidering how you manage the current maintenance process. 

💡 Pro tip: Install templates from the Aptlet Gallery to get a foundation for better managing common property management processes, like maintenance, if you don’t have a solidified system currently in place that allows team members to collaborate and organize complex tasks. Many of these Aptlet templates even come with communication templates you can use for your contacts which instill a level of professionalism, consistency, and personalization through the use of merge fields.

Once you see general improvement in your contact’s sentiment, make another Happiness Goals and consider using the Topic Breakdown report once more to guide you. 

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