Create a new Aptlet board from scratch or install one from our template gallery without leaving your dashboard. 

Choose to make the board public to everyone in your organization, make it private just for you or invite specific team members to access including vendors outside of Aptly. 

In this article you'll learn:

  1. How to create a blank Aptlet Board
  2. How to invite specific users to an Aptlet Board 
  3. How to make the Aptlet Board private
  4. How to make an Aptlet Board public to everyone in your organization

Create a blank Aptlet Board

  1. From your Aptlet Dashboard, click Add a Board.
  2. Select if you'd like to create a board from our template gallery or create a blank board. For instructions on how to install board templates from our gallery, go here.
  3. If you choose to create a blank board, pick a name and color for your board.
  4. By default, your new board will be private. If you'd like to make the board public to everyone in your organization, click the switch next to Public. If you'd like to invite specific users to your board, keep the board private for now.
  5. Click Create.

💡 Once you create a blank board, table view will be the default format. Click Board to switch to board view.

Invite Specific Users to an Aptlet Board

  1. Click the invite icon in the top right corner of the Aptlet Board.
  2. Enter their name or email address into the field and select a person from the dropdown menu. If the person you're inviting is not in your Aptly organization, enter their full email address into the field and click Invite below.
  3. Click Can Edit to change user permissions. Select if the user can edit, comment, view or remove them from the board.
  4. From this window you can change if the board is public to your entire organization or private. Click Make Private to Me or Make Public to your organization to change the privacy status.
  5. Click Done.

💡 The people you invite will receive an invitation and have access to the board, even if they're not in Aptly. This may come in handy for vendors you work with. Invite them to a board and set their permission to comment so they can keep you in the loop by commenting on cards assigned to them.

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