Transferring communication from your Propertyware portal to your Aptly inbox makes  it easy and painless to correspond with tenants and owners. With this feature, you don't have to straddle two different systems and all your communication is in one place.

How to transfer Propertyware portal communication to Aptly

First, make sure an administrator configures Propertyware to send portal notifications to your email connected to Aptly. 

After an administrator has configured your email notifications in Propertyware you should receive a notification when a tenant or owner submits a comment through their portal. 

Typically, you would navigate to Propertyware and respond to the tenant in the portal. But, there’s no way for the tenant to know if you’ve responded to them. No notification, alert or mobile app to keep them updated. 

By transferring your portal communication to Aptly you can respond to tenants without leaving your Aptly inbox. Just click reply on the notification email, type your response and send it off. 

By replying to the notification email in Aptly, you’re transferring the conversation from the Propertyware portal to email. Now the tenant will receive a new email when you respond and be notified in their inbox, a platform they’re already familiar with.

Aptly also saves the primary contact from the propertyware notification and ties the email to the contact record. Meaning, this email will automatically associate directly with the tenant or owner you're communicating with. 

Not only do you have all your conversations in one place, you also have the complete history of all communication with your tenants and owners.

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