Add a mirror field to any board to show information from a field on another board. Mirror fields display information from one board to another, allowing you to access the same information in multiple workspaces.

Leverage the mirror field to reflect a resident or prospect’s lease end date, move-in date, rent amount, lead source and more! Customize it to fit your needs.

💡 Mirror fields are bidirectional, allowing for edits in either location to keep data updated at all times.

How to add a mirror field

  1. From table view, click the plus icon in the far right corner on the table.
  2. Enter a field name and description (optional). From the Field Type drop down menu, select Mirror Field.
  3. Select the board where the field you'd like to mirror lives.
  4. Click the switch next to the fields you'd like to mirror.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The mirror fields you add will automatically have the word, "Mirror" before the field name. This indicates the field is a mirror of another field on different board.

💡 Editing a mirror field will update the main field, but will not currently update any other mirror field attached.

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