Save time on manually responding to leasing inquires and deliver timely communication delighting your prospects searching for a new place to call home. Quickly move the leasing needle by getting your prospects on the books for a showing via the Calendly integration.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Best practices on integrating a Resident Leads aptlet board with Calendly

  2. How to set up a Reply Workflow with a simple yet effective ILS inquiry auto-response

  3. Configuration to send all leasing email inquires directly to a Resident Leads aptlet board

Integrating a Resident Leads aptlet board with Calendly

First, add a stage to your board just for showings. You'll use this as the dedicated stage Aptly will add a card to when a showing is scheduled with Calendly:

Integrate the board with Calendly in the Board Settings > Integrations > Calendly. Make sure to indicate the stage you just made as the column all cards should aggregate under when a showing is scheduled.

Setting up a Reply Workflow to serve as an auto-response

Add a Communication Template to use as your initial reply to lead inquiries. Make sure it includes your Calendly event link prompting leads to self-scheduled a showing.

💡 Consider using the simple reply below (make sure the merge fields are configured correctly in the Communication settings):

Indicate this template as your Reply Workflow configured on the first stage of the Resident Leads aptlet board. Set this up in the Board Settings > Workflows and use the setup below to guide you:

Ensure all ILS leads go to the Resident Leads board automatically

When leads are sent to your Resident Leads board from an ILS inquiry automatically, a card is made a placed in the first stage of the aptlet. Since you now have a Reply Workflow wired up on the first stage of your Resident Leads aptlet, the auto-response will happen automatically.

Go to your Personal Inbox settings or Shared Inbox settings and check Enable Content Parsing. Then, tell Aptly what board we should send leads to by using the dropdown menu:

Set this up on the inbox(es) you use in the ILS's as a reply-to inbox.

💡 You can also send leads to any board automatically while bypassing the inbox completely with a board-dedicated email address.

How will this impact your leasing process?

  1. Leads get responded to right away, even when prospects are browsing internet listing sites after your business hours.

  2. Responses to self-schedule through Calendly are actionable and immediately put the ball in the lead's court.

  3. Time wasting ping-pong conversations negotiating showtimes are eliminated to the delight of both your leads and your leasing team alike.

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