Chatbots are a convenient way to answer commonly asked questions, schedule showings, and more. A little bit of prep work will ensure you know what to expect from your chatbot and the components that will make it run flawlessly.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  1. Set up an Answer Board.
  2. Connect your Answer Board to an Aptlet board.
  3. Find code to integrate a Chatbot into your website or landing page.

1. Set up an answer board

An answer board provides the framework for responses of your Chatbot.

Navigate to Answers on the left side menu.

  1. Click Add Answers Board > Create new answers board.
  2. Name your board, select a name, and select Create.

4. Click New Item to create a new card.

💡 Plan your project first by creating an answer tree of your desired topics and responses.

5. Fill in Topics, card Title (or the sub-topic), and Chatbot Response.

6. When the answer is complete, select the checkbox under Published and move it to the Published FAQs stage.

2. Connect your Answer Board to an Aptlet Board

  1. Navigate to the Aptlet Section.
  2. Select the related Aptlet Board, and select the Settings ⚙️ gear.
  3. Select Chatbot, click the toggle switch to enable.

4. Under Bot Name, name your bot (This is how your bot will be introduced).

5. Under SMS Channel, select the desired phone number (your bot must be connected to a phone number via the Aptly phone or a Twilio integration.)

6. Enable Support Appointments to support appoints made though the Calendly integration (optional but recommended).

💡 Schedule like a pro with a Calendly integration

7. Under Support Answers, select the dropdown menu and connect the proper Answer board.

3. Embedding your chatbot into a website or landing page

  1. On your Aptlet board, select the Settings ⚙️ gear.
  2. Select Chatbot, then click copy on the Website Widget Script.
  3. Send that code to your web developer.

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