Chatbot is an automated, interactive solution that provides your current and prospective customers answers to commonly asked questions and resources. Respond immediately, schedule appointments, and provide answers automatically.

Chatbot also allows your customer the option to chat live with your team and/or continue the conversation via text message.

Get a quick overview of chatbot below to understand some terminology and concepts that provide the foundation for amazing customer experiences.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. Chatbot terminology and concepts.

  2. Setup Requirements.

1. Terminology and Concepts

  1. Answer Board: An Answer Board (separate from Aptlet Boards), stores the topics and answers for a Chatbot. Answer boards provide the framework for how Chatbot responds.

  2. Topics: Users will select from a list of predetermined topics to receive answers you developed. Some examples of topics would be "Pet Policy", "Qualifications", or "Availability".

  3. Subtopics: Get more specific with subtopics, which create clearer responses off of the Topic. An example of a Pet Policy sub-topic, for example, would be "Restricted Breeds", or "Support Animal Requirements."

  4. Aptlet Board: Chatbots are tied to specific Aptlet Boards in order to keep conversations organized. Cards are added to the related Aptlet board anytime a new chat is initiated. Some examples of related Aptlet boards would be "Resident Leads" or "Maintenance."

  5. SMS: Chatbot runs on SMS and is visible on the Inboxes page. You can observe and review ongoing interactions with Chatbot, and take over the conversation when needed.

  6. Website Widget Script: This is the code that you can embed into a page on your main website, or a property-specific website where users to initiate the chat.

2. Setup Requirements

  1. Twilio Account connected to Aptly.

  2. Company website or property landing page to embed code that allows Javascript from a third party (us). You will likely need to run this by your web devloper.

  3. Specific use cases such as Tenant FAQ's, or Leasing FAQ's.

Once you have the setup requirement items ready to go, take a look a ****How to setup Chatbot**** to configure Chatbot within Aptly.

  1. Chatbot and Answers Setup

  2. Chatbot Employee Journey

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